Generates and saves to a file a single CloudFormation template that can be used to deploy the specified Rule(s) into any account. This feature has two primary uses:

  • Multi-account Config setup in which the Lambda Functions for custom Rules are deployed into a centralized “security” or “compliance” account and the Config Rules themselves are deployed into “application” or “satellite” accounts.
  • Combine many Config Rules into a single CloudFormation template for easier atomic deployment and management.

The generated CloudFormation template includes a Parameter for the AccountID that contains the Lambda functions that provide the compliance logic for the Rules, and also exposes all of the Config Rule input parameters as CloudFormation stack parameters.

By default the generated CloudFormation template will set up Config as per the settings used by the RDK init command, but those resources can be omitted using the --rules-only flag.

The --config-role-arn flag can be used for assigning existing config role to the created Configuration Recorder.

As of version 0.6, RDK supports Config remediation. Note that in order to use SSM documents for remediation you must supply all of the necessary document parameters. These can be found in the SSM document listing on the AWS console, but RDK will not validate at rule creation that you have all of the necessary parameters supplied.

usage: rdk create-rule-template [-h] [--all] [-s RULESETS] -o OUTPUT_FILE
                                [--config-role-arn CONFIG_ROLE_ARN]
                                [<rulename> [<rulename> ...]]

Positional Arguments

<rulename> Rule name(s) to include in template. A CloudFormation template will be created, but Rule(s) will not be pushed to AWS.

Named Arguments

--all, -a

All rules in the working directory will be included in the generated CloudFormation template.

Default: False

-s, --rulesets comma-delimited RuleSet names to be included in the generated template.
-o, --output-file

filename of generated CloudFormation template

Default: “RDK-Config-Rules”

 [optional] Assign existing iam role as config role. If omitted, “config-role” will be created.

[optional] Generate a CloudFormation Template that only includes the Config Rules and not the Bucket, Configuration Recorder, and Delivery Channel.

Default: False