Command Reference

The RDK has some options that can be used to override the default behavior (mostly relating to the identity and credentials used by the tool) that are common to all of the sub-commands.

usage: rdk [-h] [-p PROFILE] [-k ACCESS_KEY_ID] [-s SECRET_ACCESS_KEY]
           [-r REGION] [-v]
           <command> ...

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: clean, create, create-rule-template, deploy, init, logs, modify, rulesets, sample-ci, test-local, undeploy

Command to run. Refer to the usage instructions for each command for more details

<command arguments>
 Run rdk <command> –help to see command-specific arguments.

Named Arguments

-p, --profile [optional] indicate which Profile to use.
-k, --access-key-id
 [optional] Access Key ID to use.
-s, --secret-access-key
 [optional] Secret Access Key to use.
-r, --region Select the region to run the command in.
-v, --version Display the version of this tool