Shorthand command for running the unit tests defined for Config Rules that use a Python runtime. When a Python 2.7 or 3.6+ Rule is created using the create command a unit test template is created in the Rule directory. This test boilerplate includes minimal tests, as well as a framework for using the mock library for stubbing out Boto3 calls. This allows more sophisticated test cases to be written for Periodic rules that need to make API calls to gather information about the environment.

usage: rdk test-local [-h] [--all] [--test-ci-json TEST_CI_JSON]
                      [--test-ci-types TEST_CI_TYPES] [--verbose]
                      [-s RULESETS]
                      [<rulename>[,<rulename>,...] ...]]

Positional Arguments

 Rule name(s) to test

Named Arguments

--all, -a

Test will be run against all rules in the working directory.

Default: False

--test-ci-json, -j
 [optional] JSON for test CI for testing.
--test-ci-types, -t
 [optional] CI type to use for testing.
--verbose, -v

[optional] Enable full log output

Default: False

-s, --rulesets [p[tional] comma-delimited list of RuleSet names